Why Factor Invoices?

You should factor invoices in order to provide liquidity to your business. Typically, cash flow problems can occur when a company has to wait for a period of 30 to 60 days to get paid.

Therefore, when you factor (sell) your invoices your business receives an immediate cash injection from Capital Depot, rather than having to wait for a payment.

Furthermore, when you decide to factor (sell) your invoices it eliminates the risk of not getting paid by a broker or shipper.

Now the instant cash that is provided by factoring (selling) your accounts receivables, can be used for whatever reason your want, such as:

Paying Drivers

Paying Fuel

Paying Insurance

Paying Taxes


100% Advance

Get 100% CASH for your invoices – less our fees!

No Reserves

No money is ever held back in a reserve account – get paid the entire 100% for your accounts receivables!

Same Day Funding

The same day we receive your invoices – CASH is deposited directly into your bank account!

Non Recourse Factoring

When you sell us your invoices, you never have to worry about getting paid by a broker, or shipper ever again – we assume the credit risk!

No Monthly Minimums

There are no monthly factoring volume requirements – use our factoring services only when you need us.

No Long Term Contract

No long term contract which means you are not contractually bound to us for any length of time – you can stop using our factoring program whenever you want!

Fuel Cards

Receive fuel cards which can be used either as a credit card, or debit card. The cards are accepted at over 10,000 truck stops nationwide, including Canada and Mexico.

Invoice Processing

For a nominal fee we will gladly take care of creating all of your invoices so you can focus on the operations of your business, while we take care of your paperwork.

Online Broker & Shipper Approval Program

The online program allows you to run a free credit report on any broker or shipper. Therefore, you know which freight bills we will purchase before you commit to a load. Over 100,000 loads are approved for factoring – everyday!

Freight Factoring